Spring Framework 3 reaches milestone1

Spring Framework 3.0 M1 was released last week during the SpringOne Americas event, which looks very promising with EL and REST becoming top themes. Lot of coverage on the event has been blogged, and you can find one of my favorite entry by Solomon here. Juergen outlines some of the new features implemented in this milestone release here.

SVN repository for Spring Framework 3.0 is hosted by SpringSource at https://src.springframework.org/svn/spring-framework/trunk.
The build requires JDK 6, but Spring Framework 3.0 requires Java 5 or above. Not sure how this would work when building with a later Java version.

Other interesting note is that some parts of Spring JavaConfig will be merged with Spring Core. SJC is really powerful and you can almost do everything XML configuration can do. It would be nice to see both XML and Java configuration part of the core framework.

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