Chrome chemistry works better with public release

ChromeChrome incubates from beta to a stable release in just 100 days after its public beta launch. Chrome has become more stable and fast which is why I have been using it most often these days. It has fixed tons of bugs according to the sources. This release has at least fixed two of my sought after issues, one outlined here and other is the ability to render XML directly within the browser. It used to render XML as text in the beta release, but now it renders a well formatted XML, which is quite useful when I quickly browse through some maven POMs. The other cool feature I like is the ability to create application shortcuts and launch them as desktop applications. You can have a peek at my quick launch bar.

Windows Quick Launch bar

Its built in tools for developers is worth a mention. It comes with a task manager which measures memory usage in multi-process browser. You can look more details by clicking the “Stats for nerds” in the task manager or you can directly enter “about:memory”. It also has tools for debugging JavaScript.

Chrome Task Manager

I have been heavily using Chrome in my new laptop and liking its chemistry, but not an addict so far. 🙂

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