Jersey 1.0 final ships – production quality RI for JSR 311 API

Jersey Today, Paul announced in his blog about the availability of Jersey 1.0. I have been waiting for this release like many others. The Jersey team delivered a pretty solid implementation and this implementation has been tested by the user community to a greater extent. This project can be considered as a blueprint for similar JSR implementations. Feedbacks were incorporated and the team was very responsive to user community and you can see more users using Jersey than any other JAX-RS implementations (RESTEasy, Restlet, Apache CXF). Jersey is considered to be more stable than its counterpart as it fully conforms to the JSR311 API and has support for Spring and houses a Jersey Client modeled around the resource concept. NetBeans 6.5 Beta has a decent tooling support for JAX-RS using Jersey.

Kudos to team Jersey!

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