Apple Safari, Google Chrome, call it bizarre

I was trying to download IBM Development Package for Eclipse. I was using Chrome all these days since its launch, apart from Firefox, IE. I always had a good impression about the newbie Chrome so far. But, its inability to open a secure web site shattered my first impression with Chrome. But, this is still acceptable considering it is still 0.2 version 🙂

How does Safari3 react to this secured site? Not so different. Safari has been in this market for a while. No excuse for Safari. But, I would still think this would be a basic requirement of a browser to support secured web sites. I never use Safari until I see a bizarre behavior with other browsers. 😦

The users can easily fall prey to these bizarre messages. Firefox3 and IE7 were consistent in their behavior as they were proven stable for years.


Internet Explorer

Think before you decide to leave these trusted sites when accessing through these browsers.

3 thoughts on “Apple Safari, Google Chrome, call it bizarre

  1. I say that Google Chrome is excellent for speed, performance, and security. I was very impressed with Google Chrome and enjoy using it, however I just had to switch to Apple Safari. Both are based on Webkit and I believe that Webkit is the best rendering engine for any web browser. Apple does have it’s reputation for the iPhone being still the most popular and unmatched mobile device. Apple Safari, even though Firefox took control, has been gaining more market share then ever and Google Chrome as well.
    My point is, Apple Safari should be the king of all web browsers when it comes to ease of use, performance, and speed. Google Chrome definitely takes over speed, however when it comes to their UI and structure of their web browser, Safari takes the lead.
    You may read my blog post here about my opinion with Google Chrome and Apple Safari:


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