Monitoring and managing Micronaut application

Managing and monitoring a microservices architecture is no brainer with the Micronaut framework. In my previous post, we implemented an API gateway to our reactive Maps service which used Micronaut's Consul integration for discovery and provided automatic client-side load balancing. In this post, let us look at implementing some of the monitoring capabilities to our … Continue reading Monitoring and managing Micronaut application

Micronaut API gateway in action

In this post, I am going to show how we can implement a simple gateway service for the Maps microservice developed in the earlier post. Gateway microservice is another Micronaut service that consumes our Maps service and provides public API access for users, requests are routed using gateway which can be managed, monitored, secured and … Continue reading Micronaut API gateway in action

Reactive microservices development with Micronaut

There is some fresh air in the microservice development stack for developers. Java developers usually look at Spring Boot which provides a platform for building production grade services that helps implement microservice architecture and targets Spring developers. There are couple new frameworks to look for that could shape up this landscape in the coming years. … Continue reading Reactive microservices development with Micronaut