Mission 2021

2020 has been quite a ride for me just like everyone else on this planet getting used to better hygiene and social distancing and I am very grateful I made it so far. I hope we got past that stormy ride where we were cruising blindly at times, now that vaccine for every earthling is on the horizon, mankind reigns. This is unlike anything humanity has ever seen in our lifetime and it will have a lasting impact in culture and socio-economic behavior of our species. Is it possible we are witnessing natural selection as we speak? Food for thought!

2020 could have become more depressing if I hadn’t taken a break or two, I am glad I did. My visit to Yellowstone and Tetons was much needed and visiting the big skies is like making that lost connection that you are always happy for, exists. Nature heals!

Oxbow Bend at Tetons
Willow Flats Overlook at Tetons
Grand Prismatic at Yellowstone

One positive note in 2020 was I made it to Housing’s top 50 operational all stars list. Floify FTW!

There has been zero progress in my writing last year, I’m hoping 2021 is a new beginning for writing too. Aren’t excuses lies?

To justify the heading for this post, this year I want to explore new tools and frameworks in front-end world. I am launching this new blog which is fun to build and code at the same time using Next.js react framework. Front-end first is the mission for 2021, while I continue to engage with all things backend here.

Hope you have a wonderful and safe year ahead. Cheers!

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