CXF + JPA Tutorial moved to Google Sites

Last week, I migrated the tutorial “Developing a loan processing application using Apache CXF & JPA in NetBeans” from NetBeans wiki to Google Sites. The NetBeans wiki migration late last year screwed up the contents of both the tutorials that I had contributed to NetBeans. Considering the future of NetBeans infrastructure, I decided to move away from NetBeans wiki. I had to completely revisit the Spring MVC tutorial as the entire content was lost in migration. The CXF tutorial lost most of its screen shots. Google Sites came to the rescue and it was pretty easy to migrate. The CXF Tutorial has been completely refreshed to use NetBeans 6.8 and EclipseLink 2.0 with a Mavenized project and features new set of screen shots. I was impressed with the Maven support in NetBeans 6.8 and it is better than Intellij IDEA. Enjoy the refreshed tutorial here!

3 thoughts on “CXF + JPA Tutorial moved to Google Sites

  1. Arul – Its an excellent tutorial. Thank you for taking the time to update to NB6.8. I have a question, how do I create the Constructors for the Domain classes? I tried Alt+Ins from various objects but none of them has the generate Constructors option… Can you please add a line or two to the tutorial?

    Thank you



  2. Sorry for posting such a basic question. I figured it out to invoke the generate code for Constructor by pressing Alt + Ins keys inside the Domain class file. Since the domain classes are already auto generated, all I did is copy and paste each public class from here.


  3. Hi Suresh,

    I am happy this tutorial was useful to you. I was out of town so I could not reply to your questions earlier. Glad you figured it out.



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