CXF 2.2 voting begins

I have been waiting for this release for quite some time mainly because it fully supports JSR 311 API and its very own Client API. It could become one stop solution for developers building and deploying SOAP & REST web services.

Major features of this release include :

~ JAX-RS 1.0 support
~ WS-SecurityPolicy support
~ WS-SecureConversation support
~ WS-Trust support (client side only)

CXF is becoming the fourth successful implementation of the JSR 311 API (Jersey, RESTEasy, Restlet). Its ability to expose a service to both worlds (REST and SOAP) could potentially attract more developers and further accelerate its adoption in enterprises.

The voting process has begun. The official release should be available sometime this week. I have always been a fan of CXF programming model and REST support makes me even more happy 🙂

Update (3/19): CXf 2.2 release available now.

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