Java SE 6 Update 12 early access features 64-bit Java Plug-In

Support for 64-bit Java plug-in finally available with Update 12 early access. This feature request was a 4 year old RFE in Sun’s bug database. I just installed this plug-in on my 64-bit vista. Its nice to see your 64-bit browsers verify Java by clicking here. Sun is planning to open source Java Web Start implementation and the new plug-in implementation for NPAPI capable browsers as mentioned by Joe Darcy here. Yet another step in making free and open Java platform for everyone. Kudos to Sun.

I noticed one thing when installing this early access release, it bundles MSN toolbar. I did not notice if this was the case with earlier updates.

Java SE 6 Update 12 EA snapshot

Hate to see these kind of promos in Java installer đŸ˜¦

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