JavaOne 2008 presentations are online

For those who missed JavaOne this year, Sun has published the conference slides here a month later. I find these very useful especially for Java geeks as it provides an opportunity to learn some of the technical advancements around the Java platform and the momentum around the technology is healthy.

My top contenders this year were:
Building SOA Applications with JAX-WS, JAXRS, JAXB, and Ajax by Mark Hansen
Let’s Resync Concurrency Features in JDK™ 7 by Brian Goetz
Defective Java™ Code: Turning WTF code into a learning experience by William Pugh
More Effective Java by Joshua Bloch
Design Patterns Reconsidered by Alex Miller
JAX-RS: The Java™ API for RESTful Web Services by Marc Hadley and Paul Sandoz
Top 10 Patterns for Scaling Out Java™ Applications by Cameron Purdy
Groovy and Grails: Changing the Landscape of Java™ Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE Platform) Patterns by Graeme Rocher
Choosing a Java Web Framework: A Comparison by Richard Pack
Java™ Servlet 3.0 API: What’s new and exciting by Rajiv Mordani

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