Effective Java v2 finally ships

Effective Java second edition finally started shipping this week. I dreamed of this day in one of my earlier blog post 🙂 As predicted, it finally made it this year during JavaOne. Even this year, Joshua had a session on “More ‘Effective Java'” – third in a row since 2006.

The book was published on May 8, 2008 and I pre-ordered at Amazon thinking the book will hit the stores only on May 28 as per their website. But, I then decided to order it at informIT as it was available immediately (not to mention the best deal I could get on the Internet). I should be getting it next week. You can read sample chapters from here and here. I had gone through the Generics chapter and its pretty impressive.

As always, its definitely a programmer’s asset. This second edition is reloaded with 21 more best programming practice primarily from JDK 1.5. You can read Joshua Bloch’s recent interviews at InfoQ and java.sun.com.

You can even buy an autographed version from craigslist. It comes at a premium of $50. Josh is always a rock star in the Java community.

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