Effective Java and Java in 2008

Effective Java Second Edition slips to ship in 2007, though Ted originally predicted in his 2006 Tech predictions. Finally, it is likely to be released around the time frame of Java One 2008 in May. I hope that Joshua does not change his original 2007 title “Effective Java: This Time It’s for Real” in JavaOne 2008. May be this time he carries a copy of this edition to the session hall:) His earlier two presentations shows only a glimpse of this book and he is busy debating closures controversy, which is a good thing for the future of the language.

Effective Java Reloaded in JavaOne 2008 : This Time It’s Not for Real

Effective Java Reloaded in JavaOne 2007 : This Time It’s Not for Real

Effective Java Reloaded in JavaOne 2006

Would the closure controversy come to an end this year? Joshua’s talk on “The Closures Controversy” in JavaPolis’07 may bring reasonable momentum in the Java community voicing concerns about the BGGA proposal. Remember this is just one proposal on closures. Bruce Eckel’s “Java: Evolutionary Dead End” is just the beginning. Neal defends on “Restricted Closures” and “What flavor of closures?” and how this can be accommodated as part of the JSR.

Who wins closure war: “Do Nothing” OR CICE+ARM OR BGGA ?

Java API recommendations from Kevin, Joshua and Doug “Java Class Libraries minor API change recommendations for JDK 7” may not make a big impact and its sole purpose is to fix the glitches. The next talk of the community is whether OpenJDK 6, JDK 7 will be shipping this year? Would Google Collections make its version 1.0 release, and possibly marry into Java Collections?

Does all this make the language powerful, and still retain “programmer portability”? Yes, I would think so.

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