Google bigbangs mobile industry with Android

AndroidToday, Google announced the most awaited mobile strategy backed by the industry’s big wees. The momentum turned into Open Handset Alliance with more than 30 technology and mobile companies which developed the first complete, open and free mobile platform. Developers will have access to the Android SDK on November 12. Google unlocks the opportunity to bring innovation in mobile application development space and forms an open ecosystem for building vendor independent applications traditionally dominated by proprietary mobile OS vendors like Symbian and Microsoft.

View Google’s press release which lists its founding members. This alliance would transform the way revenues are generated from mobile based services and operator hosted services typically implemented as Service Delivery Platforms offered by many technology companies such as HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Bea. This would also impact the revenue sharing model prevailing in most of the Mobile Network Operator provided services such as content, multimedia, and gaming.

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